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Do you remember Carey Price(notes) of the Montreal Canadiens striking a taunting, arms-crossed B-boy pose after stopping Chris Kunitz(notes) of the Pittsburgh Penguins during a shootout last week for a big home win?

Because it would appear Marc-Andre Fleury(notes) remembered it.

Check out both Price's old-school rap album cover pose and Fleury's response after the Penguins' skated out of Montreal with 5-2 victory, their first since Sidney Crosby(notes) was sidelined with a concussion:

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"I just thought that's how we celebrate in Montreal, so ..." Fleury told reporters, via The Score. "I don't know. For a laugh."

We give Price the nod for style and attitude. His pose has swagger; Fleury looked like he was trying to self-administer the Heimlich.

But Fleury scores major points for winning the game in Montreal for the right to respond inside Carey's 'hood. The only way this could have been a bigger dis is if he skated out to center ice after the pose and spray-painted "MAF WUZ HERE" over the Canadiens logo.

Both players will be at the NHL All-Star Game in two weeks, and we can only hope the league takes advantage of this rivalry by adding either a breakin' dance-off or "8 Mile"-style rap battle to the skills competition. We've heard Fleury on HBO "24/7." We know he's a poet.

Thanks to LetangGang for the image.

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