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While he's one of the better offensive defensemen in the NHL, Kris Letang(notes) of the Pittsburgh Penguins isn't known for having a Shea Weber(notes)-esque cannon.

The next time someone steps up with that critique, Letang should throw this video on his mobile device — his shot taking off half of Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price's(notes) stick on Saturday night in Bell Centre:

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Alas, the video cuts out before CBC found a way to credit Sidney Crosby(notes) with breaking Price's lumber. Kidding of course …

No harm, no foul, as Price was able to come over to the bench for a new stick after a stoppage in play. In case you were wondering about goalies playing with broken sticks, it's covered under Rule 10.4:

A goalkeeper may continue to play with a broken stick until a stoppage of play or until he has one legally handed to him by a teammate. The teammate must hand the stick to him. He cannot throw it or slide it to the goalkeeper (this includes situations where the goalkeeper has lost his stick and a teammate is trying to return it to him). For a violation of this rule, a minor penalty for throwing the stick shall be assessed to the offending player (no penalty to the goalkeeper for receiving the stick).

A goalkeeper whose stick is broken or illegal may not go to the players' bench for a replacement but must receive his stick from a teammate.  A goalkeeper may participate in the play using a skater's stick until such time as he is legally provided with a replacement goalkeeper's stick. For an infraction of this rule, a minor penalty shall be imposed on the goalkeeper.

So there you go. Now all we're left wondering is if Price and Marc-Andre Fleury(notes) will finally bless us with a B-boy pose-off after the game.

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