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Scott Loudon and Michael Wojtowicz are Los Angeles Kings season ticket holders, have been in a relationship for 16 years. So when they finally decided to get married, a hockey-themed wedding was an obvious choice: Kings sweaters, fake cuts and bruises on their faces, someone in a San Jose Sharks jersey in the groom(s) party, a hockey wedding cake.

But that's been done before, right? What hadn't been done before: Getting married by director and celebrity puckhead Kevin Smith at his podcasting theater in Los Angeles, while he was dressed as a referee.

On ABC's "Nightline" Friday night, the "SMarriage at Smodcastle" was the featured part of a segment on celebrity ministers. So suffer through the Tori Spelling and Kathy Griffin stuff to around the 1:49 mark:

The wedding, which took place in February, was captured on Smith's Smodcast. From Metro Weekly, which hipped us to the story, Kevin Smith on "Nightline":

"if you're getting married here, you're really interesting.... If you're getting married in hockey jerseys, and making me wear a referee jersey, and you're gay, and you're here, and you're huge hockey fans, we're in for a great show."

Look, we acknowledge much of this isn't going to be for everyone's tastes, but know this: If you're planning a hockey-themed wedding, you should totally steal this idea.

Because then you can do "fan appreciation game" raffles during the ceremony.

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