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The series is done and nothing will come of it, but this trip by defenseman Keith Yandle of the Phoenix Coyotes while his team was getting embarrassed by the Detroit Red Wings could have led to oh-so-many problems.

Like if Henrik Zetterberg, a Conn Smythe candidate again at this point in the postseason, had been injured for having the nerve to celebrate Brad Stuart's breakaway goal in the second period. Like if some of the more truculent Wings had seen this incident and rushed to his defense. Check the 40-second mark for something that won't be on Yandle's video pitch for next year's Lady Byng:

From Puck Buddy John Donaldson:

Look how close Keith Yandle came to injuring Zetterberg by intentionally tripping him after the Stuart goal.  This is worse than the Hossa play everyone was talking about; the play was over and it is obvious what Yandle's intent was. Watch Yandle after the play ends, after he slashes Stuart follow him behind the net, you can see it clearly in the first replay they show of it.

For as dirty of a play as that was (what is this, mighty ducks where they take a slash at Banks after he scores?) I don't see it mentioned anywhere right now, I think most people were too shocked Stuart had a breakaway goal and missed it. 

We saw some mention of this last night among the Wings fans, and Yardbarker covered it today, too. As reckless as the Marian Hossa shove on Dan Hamhuis? Disagree, because we're talking full speed into the end boards on that hit. More intentional? You betcha.

Again: The series is done, the play is over, we move along. But this was a cheapie by Yandle that deserves a spotlight. Phoenix eulogy on Thursday, by the way. Hide the kids.

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