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In the third period of Tuesday night's 2-1 Montreal Canadiens' victory at the New York Rangers, P.K. Subban(notes) and Brandon Dubinsky(notes) were tangled up when the Habs defenseman appeared to slewfoot the Rangers forward.

Here's what Bleeding All Blue called "PK Subban's latest bit of dirty antics":

Right in front of the referee, no less. Where are the HBO cameras to capture Dubinsky's reaction when he realized that? You, being an authority on slewfoots and all.

Dubinsky's holding Subban's stick when PK sweeps the leg like a Cobra Kai, so perhaps the official felt there was shared guilt here. It doesn't excuse a slewfoot, which carries a match penalty upon conviction and is generally considered one of hockey's dirtiest plays. It's also been part of Subban's body of work before, as Joe Haggerty of NECN wrote that he executed "a half-hearted slewfoot on Gregory Campbell(notes) when the fourth line center came looking for a piece of the flamboyant Habs defenseman after [a] jarring collision."

If you don't feel Subban's actions here are slewfooty enough for a misconduct, fine; it should have at a minimum been a tripping minor.

But knowing what a lightning rod Subban's become in the NHL whenever he pushes the envelope, we imagine there are more than a few fans who'll watch this play and nod in agreement with what HNIC's Don Cherry and Mike Richards of the Philadelphia Flyers have said about the brash young D-man.

(And geez, who do you think Richards is rooting for in this situation? "The enemy of my enemy is ...")

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