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When we last saw Joey The Junior Reporter, the 5-year-old was vying for his first Pulitzer Prize with a hard-hitting investigation of the Chicago Blackhawks in which he asked the most vital question of our times (our times being, in that case, "around Thanksgiving"): "Who da biggest tuwh-key on da team?"

Another holiday, another appearance by Joey in the Blackhawks dressing room, as he investigates the players' Christmas lists, who has been naughty and reveals a hidden desire to one day have a mustache like Coach Joel Quenneville:

Seriously, if anyone has an image of Troy Brouwer(notes) in an adult-sized onesie with fire trucks and ambulances, acting like a big bear ... well, you know the email address.

If nothing else, we consider this edition of the series to be the beginning the Joey's real education as a hockey reporter: Witness the players pitting Joey against their teammates, whether it's Duncan Keith(notes) trying to collect money from Brent Seabrook(notes) or Brian Campbell(notes) revealing Jonathan Toews'(notes) moving violation. Welcome to the big leagues, kid ...

Stick-tap Dominick H. for the video.

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