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It's a stressful time for ex-NHL star and current NBC talking head Jeremy Roenick(notes), as his loyalties between the Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers have given him "a pit in his stomach" during the Stanley Cup Finals.

The cure for an ailing stomach, and just about everything else apparently? Funky Cold Medina. Here's Roenick at Stanley's in Chicago, with a live-band Karaoke performance of the Tone-Loc standard. In case you couldn't tell from the blondes in front of him: It's an aphrodisiac. (Warning: One bit of adult language at the end.)

Wow, those moves ... no wonder "Dancing With the Stars" has shown interest. (And no wonder why "America's Got Talent" hasn't.) If nothing else, it's a great advertisement for one of the T-shirts Roenick's Muse line offers.

Our man on the scene Jeff G. reports: 

JR is the mayor of Chicago. Chelios and Noonan were also in the house along with that John Cusack character. Chelios was singing some Pearl Jam song but kinda shut it down when people started taking his picture. He was cool about it though. Kinda funny because it's something you'd normally not see Chelios do. The owner of Stanley's somehow talked him into it.

Good times. Roenick recently said that Chicago has the better nightlife and Philly has the better food, so expect to see YouTubeage of him devouring a cheese steak Thursday morning.

Thanks to Hockey Jerseys Direct for the clip, which has convinced us that Jeremy Roenick should end every comment on NBC with "Funky Cold Medina, bitches!" ... if only to see the look on Mike Milbury's face.

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