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After 72.5 million views on YouTube, the poison that was Rebecca Black's "Friday" has finally started to disappear from our collective system, leaving behind only the knowledge that Sunday comes after Saturday and a slew of parodies.

This is one such parody … oh, but so much more. From the twisted minds of Down Goes Brown and Bloge Salming on Houses of the Hockey comes "Reimer," their tribute to March rookie of the month goalie James Reimer(notes) of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Watch, laugh, learn (PG-13 language warning):

For the time capsule, Coach Ron Wilson: "Shoot on him and you get (robbed)/This kid probably saved my (job)/James James James James/Looking forward to 2012."

Like all great novelty songs, we're sure this will endure long after Reimer's forgotten. So, like, we'll still be humming it in 2013. Fun fun fun fun, lookin' forward to the next savior …

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