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"Oh, the smoke bomb! Is that what it was?" said New Jersey Devils color commentator Chico Resch during overtime, on the road against the Philadelphia Flyers last night.

"I saw something hurled out of the seats, and it had a light at the end of it, but I didn't realize that's what it was," said broadcasting partner Doc Emrick.

Chico: "I thought it was a falling star, and then I realized this wasn't an outdoor game."

The NY Post reported on the Flyers' overtime win with this headline: "DEVS FALL AFTER PUNK PHILLY FAN'S SMOKY STUNT." Devils beat writer Tom Gulitti from The Record had this coverage:

The device, which building security said was a signal flare that was turned into a smoke bomb, came from the stands across from the players' benches. It landed in the middle of the ice in the Devils' zone and slid into the boards just to the right of where Devils backup goaltender Kevin Weekes was sitting on the bench. ...

... Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur said the incident was unnerving. "There's 20,000 people watching the game and there's us playing the game and everybody is looking down at us," Brodeur said. "That that guy was able to do that -- not that it was going to scare me or be paranoid about it -- but it's unbelievable. I've (seen) stuff thrown on the ice from batteries to pocket knives maybe and stuff like that -- a big bottle of liquor fell right beside me in junior too. It happens, but this was a flare...Your eyes started itching and it was hard breathing. So, who knows what's next if they don't pay attention to these things."

So there is a serious side to this matter, which is that arena security that has, in the past, scrutinized paying customers at TSA levels allowed something like this to be smuggled in.

But there is also a mischievously amusing side to this as well, like this passage from Gulitti: "After the public address announcer made a request that those who saw it point out the culprit, some Flyers' fans pointed to an apparently innocent man wearing a Devils' jersey."

Ah, the Philly fan. But we know what you're thinking, and we agree: Homemade smoke bomb < dildo shower.

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