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Most NHL teams have player bonding days, and sometimes they involve weapons. The Calgary Flames, for example, played a paintball game that saw the Canadian players splatter the Americans and Europeans.

The Washington Capitals have the benefit of playing in the epicenter of the U.S. military and intelligence complex, so they get to have team bonding time at FBI headquarters.

The following video offers cool bits like hostage crisis simulations, bomb squad equipment, CSI investigations, busting down doors, defensive driving techniques in which cars spin out at high speeds and fun with automatic weapons.

Then we get to the grand finale: "Blowing stuff up," as goalie Semyon Varlamov(notes) calls it, which included the detonation of a stuffed penguin. Which, we're guessing, might make the cut on HBO. (The explosions begin around the 5:22 mark; Penguin detonation at the end.)

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Question of the morning: Where would you love to see your team have bonding adventures? Because seeing an NHL team joust, sword fight and then chow down on roasted fowl at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament would be all sorts of awesome.

Video via Melissa A. on Twitter.

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