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Someone at the NHL told us this morning that we may not see a new Stanley Cup commercial on the epic level of last season's "Cup Raise." In a way, that's a good thing; we're talking about one of the most breathtaking professional sports promotional spots in recent memory.

Then again, the NHL has been absolutely killing it lately when advertising its signature events, like the Winter Classic spot that boldly incorporated baseball iconography.

The NHL clearly has the majestic nostalgia thing down in its commercials; at some point it might be effective to see a little humor creep back into the ad campaign.

Individual teams are accomplishing this on their own micro-levels of local promotion, like with the Chicago Blackhawks' octo-flinging commercial trumpeting new traditions this playoff season.

But the Boston Bruins have taken things to a new level with some of the smartest, snarkiest takes on hockey fandom we've seen emerge from an NHL team's advertising efforts. Coming up, check out the hilarious videos starring a giant bear, a dude with unfortunate taste in women, a complete nuisance at the game and (much to our joy) a Jersey Foul.

First up is perhaps the best of the lot, and very appropriate considering the Bruins are facing the Montreal Canadiens in the first round:

What's great about this one is that we've all been there in one way or another: You fall for someone, discover something about them that could cause friction with friends and family, and then decide to hang in there for superficial reasons. Until a giant bear knocks the beer out of your hands. You know, figuratively.

"Never date within the division" is also perfect ... although ask a Capitals fan, and they'll say there has to be some sort of provision that also bans dating former division rivals, too.

Up next, it's that jerkweed that's always on his phone during the game.

Again, perfection: Not a single shred of Bruins colors on the guy. Because that's who talks on his cell during the game.

Finally ... well, this is just wonderful:

The only way that ad gets any better is if the dude wasn't wearing a belt.

We're not sure if we ever established this here as an official Jersey Fouls policy, but if you're tucking your sweater into your pants it better be a desperate attempt to maintain body warmth while sleeping on the street.

Because otherwise, you have failed on, like, a biblical scale. And you also probably ski in your jeans.

Kudos to the Bruins for these great commercials; although they're so savvy about the trials and tribulations of true puckheads, one has to wonder what kind of market research the crowds in Boston have unknowingly provided since the Bruins' bandwagon expanded. 

H/T NHL Snipers for the videos. And to Hub Hockey for finding'em first.

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