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What does the aftermath of hockey euphoria look like in Montreal? Here's one of the first videos to hit YouTube of Montreal Canadiens fans shooting off fireworks and chanting in the streets after their team's 5-2 win in Game 7 over the Pittsburgh Penguins:

The end of that clip was a bit ominous, as Montreal law enforcement personnel were ready to act if the jubilation once again got out of hand. Which, the Canadian Press unfortunately reports, it did last night:

Hours later the alcohol-fuelled remnants of that crowd began taunting Montreal police, tossing bottles at them and their horses. Then some covered their faces, smashed store windows and started looting. Police regained control of the downtown early Thursday by charging into the mob, discharging tear gas and jabbing their batons into the ribs of any stragglers. At least 25 people were arrested. Two officers suffered minor injuries.

There was vandalism, some looting and eventually tears, according to the CP:

Rows of black-clad riot cops charged in from the peripheries, rattling their shields as a warning to the crowd. They began blasting tear-gas canisters into the mob. As people coughed and scurried away, the police followed; the slowpokes in the crowd were slammed repeatedly to prod them along. It made no difference whether they were looters or happy hockey fans in the wrong place. If they were there, they got hit often.

One man complained he'd had a tooth broken. Stragglers who paused and tried peacefully explaining why they needed to be there received the same reaction: a few swift, painful jabs in the torso.

Well, that's unfortunate. CTV has more in the celebration turning ugly. Coming up, happier times: Canadiens fans greet their team at the airport and salute Sidney Crosby(notes) in the streets.

Here are Habs fans at Stanley and Ste. Catherine, chanting the refrain Crosby heard during games against his favorite team growing up:

Finally, via OurHabs.com, the scene as the Canadiens arrive back from Game 7 at the airport. This is pretty cool, especially the P.K. Subban(notes) part:

If you see any other interesting video from the celebrations, email to puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com. Congrats again to the Habs and their fans.

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