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Some may consider Slovakian winger Tomas Surovy a thug for taking a baseball swing with his stick at goaltender Jaroslav Halak's head after their team surrendered the eighth goal in a 8-0 loss to Czech Republic at Worlds over the weekend.

We agree, of course; but at least he's an emotionally honest thug, right?

More coverage of the slash can be found in this video clip. The former Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman flamed out after signing with the Phoenix Coyotes, and returned to Europe for the last three seasons. Halak, the Montreal Canadiens goalie, replaced starter Jan Lasak during what would become the most lopsided loss in world championships history for Slovakia. And he was treated like a tee-ball for his effort.

Euro Hockey claims that Surovy was trying to hit the crossbar in frustration, which he ended up doing moments after striking Halak. We prefer to believe he was striking a blow for every player that was ever let down by his goaltender ... by trying to make candy fall out of Halak's mask. 

If nothing else, 5-Hole believes this would be an effective way for the New York Rangers to cut ties with Wade Redden

[H/T to the HF Boards for the clip, which sadly revealed for Devils fans Patrik Elias's participation in worlds at this point in the season.]

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