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It's always amazing when the players you'd least expect to excel in a certain skills competition end up dominating at it. Bill Guerin(notes) as the fastest skater back at the 2001 All-Star Game. Geoff Sanderson's(notes) winning the puck control relay at the 1997 ASG.

This video from the Montreal Canadiens' open practice on Sunday features Michael Cammalleri(notes) and Glen Metropolit(notes) battling in a shot-accuracy competition at Bell Centre. Most of the time, these things are settled with laser-like wrist shots. Metropolit, of the .085 career shooting percentage? Four-for-four, with three slappers and a one-timer.

Cammalleri's own 4-for-4 shooting can be seen in the full video, but he's simply no match for "Rocket" Glen Metropolit; in fact, he awarded Metro with the victory:

"I think it went down to artistic merit with his one-timer there," joked Cammalleri after Metropolit nailed the first three targets with pinpoint slapshots before finishing with a crowd-pleasing one-timer for the win. "I'll give it to Metro, hands down. It was great."

When you think artistic merit, think Glen Metropolit.

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