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Previously, we had thought that "Saving Private Ryan" set the benchmark for the most exhilarating, heart-pounding opening moments in motion picture history. Then we witnessed the Dallas Stars Ice Girls in "Ice Girls on The Lake" and ... and ... sorry, but we've lost our concentration the foreseeable future. (PG-13 images in the clip.)

"Where are my pants?" "Let's go to the lake."

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This is annual video produced by the Dallas Stars (last year's is here) featuring their Ice Girls, which we know are a touchy subject (in a political sense) on this blog. Leahy still hasn't recovered from the Great Ice Girls Debate of last summer.

What we appreciate about the Stars is their unapologetic objectification of their own eye candy; to the point where they not only feature the Ice Girls with 70s porno music and in soft-core bikini boat romps, but in multiple trailers promoting said boat romp. If you don't think this sort of thing is effective marketing, then you've obviously never seen the Hooters girl rodeo bar stool trick on Chicago's WGN.

But next video: Helmets, ladies. No one wants an Ice Girl with post-concussion syndrome or Ovechkin's smile.

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