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In yesterday's game against the Detroit Red Wings, Edmonton Oilers goalie Dwayne Roloson went up creek with a paddle on Dan Cleary, which prompted the Wings to score five goals in the first period -- the third of which was scored by Cleary:

The announcers on this clip are rather hilarious, going from a gasp and a giggle about "singing soprano" to genuine concern as Cleary rolled around on the ice. That's why they never showed anything past the guy stepping on the rake on "America's Funniest Home Videos"; seeing some dude icing down his how-do-you-do is sort of a downer.

Cult of Hockey's David Staples makes the case that Roloson should be suspended:

The NHL is as soft on crime as the most liberal, feeling-sorry-for-criminals judge in the Dominion, so don't expect Dwayne Roloson to be suspended for his uppercut, goalie stick chop at Daniel Cleary's private parts. Roloson deserves to be out a few games for that one. Imagine the upset and anger in Edmonton if an opposition goalie did that to Ales Hemsky.

Is it really suspension-worthy? It's not as if Roloson "attempted to slice Dan Cleary in half" as the Edmonton Sun opined; he took a penalty for it, and that should be that.

Why should Roloson not face any additional punishment when we called for a Sidney Crosby suspension for the Boris Valabik undercarriage punch? Put it this way: We've seen sticks to the groin before when an opponent's setting up a screen in front of the goalie; we've never seen anyone jump into a fight and speed-bag another player in the crotch from beyond. There's a slight difference, no?

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