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Without the benefit of a medical examination or a footrace, there's really no way to emphatically prove Toronto Maple Leafs center Jason Allison(notes) isn't in fact a zombie. Because circumstantial evidence presented here, in a preseason game against the Philadelphia Flyers, suggests an insatiable appetite for braaaains...

Couldn't have said it any better than Jeffler on YouTube: "Jason Allison - Maker of Plays, Destroyer of Helmets." He's trying to make the Leafs after three seasons away from the NHL. If he's working his way up to actually scalping an opponent, GM Brian Burke might take notice.

This incident occurred during a scrum in the Leafs' game against the Philadelphia Flyers, as Allison literally ripped apart the helmet of center Darroll Powe(notes). It wasn't listed on the Hockey Fights dance card, but they both received roughing minors in the first period according to the box score.

The box score, by the way, features a penalty ledger roughly the size of a Dan Brown novel but more entertaining. As Pension Plan Puppets noted, there were many shenanigans in the Leafs/Flyers game, which bodes well for the continuing adventures of Burkie Burke and the Truculent Bunch.

As for the helmet destroying ... well, Craig MacTavish and Rod Langway approve.

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