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As we mentioned in discussing this year's NHL Draft legacies, the event is designed to eventually make you feel ancient. With that, we hop in the Doc Brown's DeLorean (date of pop culture reference: 1985) and travel 20 years into Draft past; to a time in which Owen Nolan(notes) wasn't a graybeard, Mike Ricci had teeth and Jaromir Jagr(notes) had the well-coiffed look that was immortalized on Jamie Mottram's favorite hockey card.

Here's what the top picks in the 2000 NHL Draft looked and sounded like. R.I.P., Nordiques.

Oh, sorry TSN: We meant Jaromir JAY!-ger, obviously.

Any draft order seems wacky through hindsight; and as you saw in the roll call at the end of the clip, 1990 was no different. What a class: Scott Scissons of the New York Islanders over Darryl Sydor(notes) and Derian Hatcher(notes). Turner Stevenson and Shawn Antoski ahead of Keith Tkachuk(notes). All of the players we just mentioned (and Trevor Kidd) ahead of Martin Brodeur(notes).

One more 1990 Draft bit: Dan Barnes of Canwest recently remembered the WORST. DRAFT. EVER. for the Edmonton Oilers, who were coming off a Stanley Cup championship but who went a startling 0-for-11 in the draft that year. That's right: Not a single pick made the NHL for a single game.

When you think about how the NHL expanded over the next decade, and the multitude of new jobs that came with it, that's pretty remarkable. Though, in fairness, the Oilers did draft four international players who never crossed the ocean for the NHL. Guess they figured they could gamble a bit, being the Oilers and all. It's not like they'd feel the effects of this 3-to-6 years later. 

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