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The concept of "food porn" has come to the forefront of pop culture thanks to extraordinarily watchable cooking show stars like the Natalie Portman-esque Giada De Laurentiis, as well as the lingering shots of sinful cuisine with a smooth jazz soundtrack.

This Penguins TV clip featuring Alyonka Larionov (former Alexander Ovechkin arm candy, daughter of Hall of Famer Igor Larionov) and Pittsburgh Penguins MVP candidate Evgeni Malkin cooking pierogies is, perhaps, the first and unforgettable marriage between hockey celebrity and food porn. The music, the food, the playful flirting between the two ... you really can't take your eyes off the thing. But that's probably Alyonka Larionov's fault.

Things do get awkward here and there. Malkin can't really crack an egg, and at one point he throws flour in Alyonka's nose during an ill-advised LeBron James impression, as if there's any other kind.

Spoiler Warning: At the end of about eight minutes of cooking excitement, Penguins defenseman Kris Letang suddenly emerges from the hallway to taste the finished product. Which means he may have been just hanging out the entire time, taking in the double-entendres. Creepy.

Here's one of the finest team-produced hockey videos we've seen in quite a while, as Malkin and Larionov heat up the kitchen:

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Whew, that was stimulating. The entire run of "Moonlighting" didn't have that level of sexual tension. Don't believe us? Well, what if we took some random screen-grabs with unfortunate subtitles from the clip and presented them without context to make this cooking video look like Cinemax at 2 a.m.? Would you believe us then?

From the screen-captures via the Penguins TV clip, here's "Evgeni and Alyonka Make a ... Uh, Pierogies."

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