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Before appearing in the following video, Patrick Kane(notes) of the Chicago Blackhawks had taken the Stanley Cup near the rushing waters of Niagara Falls and then high above the streets of Buffalo, stuck in a fire engine cherry-picker for 20 minutes.

But how can either of those memorable moments compete with the chance to hoist the Stanley Cup in front of thousands of Parrotheads, put a beach ball on the Chalice and then play tambourine with Jimmy Buffett at a concert at Chicago's Toyota Park in Saturday?

Watch another angle here. Kane has clearly been honing his musical craft since playing tambourine with "The Tonight Show" band earlier this summer. Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac and Davy Jones of The Monkees ain't got nuthin' on him.

From NHL.com, more on Kane with the Cup and the Coral Reefer Band:

Kane chartered a flight out of Buffalo Saturday afternoon and brought the Cup and a bunch of his buddies to the Jimmy Buffett concert at Toyota Park that night. He started with a photo opp with the band and stage crew behind the stage roughly an hour before the show and then he met with Buffett for 15 minutes. They filled the Cup with Landshark Lager and took turns taking some swigs.

Buffett congratulated Kane on the season and mentioned that he saw him on ESPN the day before when he was touring the Cup through Buffalo. Kane went on stage during the middle of Buffett's fifth song, 'Boat Drinks,' with the Stanley Cup. The crowd went wild.

Yes, the crowd went wild ... until they all stopped looking for where the smoke comes out of it and simultaneously realized it wasn't a large metallic bong.

Meanwhile, Deadspin chronicled a slightly-less-public stop on the Tour de Kaner, as the Blackhawks star chugged from the Chalice and impressed the ladies at Moe's Cantina in Wrigeyville. That's Kane on the right, looking closely for the names of the 1916-17 Seattle Metropolitans.

Like we said after the Blackhawks' Cup parade: Patrick Kane won his swagger back, and the results have been fascinating. And, hopefully, the NHL understands that when it cranks up the Sidney/Ovie hype machine next season.

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