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In case you were a little iffy about the magnitude of Winnipeg Jets mania sweeping through that city, the crowd at Saturday night's Pearl Jam show at the MTS Centre broke out a "Go Jets Go!" chant during one of the encores.

Eddie Vedder, being one of the coolest individuals on the planet, added his own musical accompaniment, in one of our favorite hockey-meets-rock moments of 2011:

Yeah, there's really no way you could listen to Nickelback on opening night after that

Illegal Curve, a Jets blog you hopefully already have bookmarked, also provided a video of the Pearl Jam front-man giving a shoutout to Jets defenseman Randy Jones(notes), during a stream-of-consciousness tale about Jones playing Pearl Jam Radio on Sirius XM for 35 hours on a 36-hour road trip.

Granted, we'd be more impressed had Jones picked up Vedder hitchhiking in Vancouver, but clearly Randy Jones is no Gilbert Brule. (We'll leave the Eddie vs. Bono debate for you to decide.)

Check out Illegal Curve for the transcript and a glimpse of a WHA-style Pearl Jam logo T-shirt.

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