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Every season, the Wichita Falls Wildcats (of this recent chaotic line brawl) participate in a charity weekend that includes a "jerseys off our backs" auction to benefit the Children's Miracle Network. Part of the fun is watching different players entertain the crowd in their own unique way to encourage bidding.

Well, in the interest of time, the North American Hockey League players decided to combine their powers for a performance of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" that's as clumsily awkward as it is surreal. Or are we the only ones who saw that hot dog slide through a penguin's legs as he played air guitar on a hockey stick?

Ladies and gents, your Wichita Falls Wildcats.

Some will win. Some will lose. Some were born to be half-naked in a kick-line on hockey skates.

The team raised over $20,000 for the CMN this season; no word how much was pledged to simply make them stop.

Congratulations to goalie Eric Garavaglia (29), forward Tanner Fahlstedt (11), forward Jason McAloon (15) and forward Nick Marsh (hot dog). But we're going to have to give the Hart Trophy to defenseman Joe Adams for his performance in a penguin suit, which really tied the routine together and gave us flashbacks to Billy Madison.

With that, we ask: What in the name of Rogers and Hammerstein has gotten into minor league hockey players this season? The Belfast Giants dance to Mariah. The Cincinnati Cyclones rap to "I'm On a Boat." And now we have this ass-slapping, costume-wearing, seemingly Improv-based retelling of "Don't Stop Believin'" by the Wildcats.

Who knew the influence of "Score: The Hockey Musical!" would be so far-reaching?

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