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Dallas Stars defenseman Jeff Woywitka(notes) broke a pane of glass with a shot at the StarCenter Ice Arena practice rink on Friday afternoon.

Nothing out of the ordinary there, happens all the time. But what happened after practice, however, was pretty uncommon and very cool: Some Stars fans attending the skate picked up pieces of the shattered glass, brought them to Woywitka and had him sign them. (Alas, no video of glass breaking; video skips over some lingering shots of the damage.)

We've always said: The best autographed keepsakes are the ones that are jagged, dangerous keepsakes.

From ESPN Dallas, which had the clip:

Jeff Woywitka ended practice with a bang, breaking a pane of glass with a shot.

"That's the first time I ever broke glass," Woywitka said. "To be honest -- and I am glad nobody got hurt -- but it felt real good."

We've actually lost count of the reasons why NHL players are flippin' awesome. But signing shards of glass and joking around with fans after practice is its latest addition.

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