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We've been candid about our admiration for Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, the Chicago Blackhawks' rookie sensations who combined for 126 points last season and caused fans to give a flying toss about the franchise for the first time since Eddie Belfour was between the pipes.

They're quickly becoming one of the NHL's goofiest comedy duos as well, especially after Kane's candid assessment of international puck bunnies last month. That's no doubt one of the reasons why they were drafted to shoot a commercial for the team's season ticket renewal drive. But as you can see in the clip below, Kane and Toews aren't exactly the world's smoothest pitchmen:

Wow, did they almost run out of film or what? Samwise and Frodo seem to be having a good time, and why the hell not: Chicago is so bat-poop crazy for these kids that they attend pep rallies for Kane winning the Calder Trophy and Toews being nominated.

The NHL video player frightens and confuses us, but head to the Blackhawks' official site to see a crisper version.

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