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The image above is not an optical illusion.

With 4:52 left in the second period of an NHL preseason game in Winnipeg, Chicago Blackhawks center Jake Dowell(notes) had his sweater pulled over his head by Tampa Bay Lightning forward Chris Durno(notes) during a short fight. When Dowell tried to readjust his equipment, he actually put his head through the back of his jersey.

As in, he could have licked his own last name if he tried. It looked like a transporter accident from "Star Trek." The Blackhawks announcers said it best: "That's not the hole that's supposed to be there!"

Via HockeyFights.com, here is Jake Dowell briefly reenacting a scene from "The Miracle of Life" before Duncan Keith(notes) makes the save:

What we learned on Wednesday night: Chris Durno is voodoo on skates. Not only did his handling of Dowell's jersey lead to this hockey wardrobe malfunction, but a borderline check on Durno by Nick Boynton(notes) of the Blackhawks earlier in the period led to a one-punch KO by Blair Jones(notes) of the Lightning and Boynton doing some questionable taunting afterwards.

What a weird scene with Dowell's sweater. The old hockey adage is that you're not supposed to hit a guy when you see the numbers on the back of his jersey. This is especially true when the top of your opponent's skull is in the middle of those numbers.

Stick-tap to Puck Buddy Max H. for the tip.

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