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The NHL returns tonight, and we know you're excited ... but are you really excited?

By that, we mean: Are you as excited as this rampaging space polar bear -- destroying the Big Dipper, satellites and billions of innocent lives on distant planets with Kenny Loggins providing the soundtrack -- is about to get you?

BuzzFeed posted this under the headline "The Most Awesomest Thing to Ever Open a Hockey Game," and it's frankly hard to argue with it. We can't recall another scoreboard video that starts off with such beautiful artistry and then veers off into the most bizarre marriage of hockey and bears since whatever this was.

The clip originates from the University of Alaska Fairbanks Nanooks hockey team but evidently never aired in this "awesomest" form, according to the YouTuber that posted it: "This is the intended directors cut with the original music choice, rejected by the UAF people for being ‘too 80's' as if there is such a thing."

It's from 2007-08; you may have seen it before, but it's new to us. Either way, having this image in our lives makes the world a better place. We want Superman to fight it.

Primary assist to BuzzFeed. Tell us you're not pumped for hockey now. 

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