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The following video can be seen as an ironic take on Carey Price(notes) of the Montreal Canadiens, as the goaltender's renewed focus and the end of his partying ways have combined to produce an MVP-quality season.

Or it can be seen as a sporadically uproarious, prolonged sight gag, as "Carey Price" stumbles through a parody of Ke$ha's "Tik-Tok" video, complete with bottle of Jack, ice girls and about three too many jock shots. (WARNING: One NSFW word in the audio track and some potential NSFW imagery.)

Wow. That was like the slutty musical version of the Zetterberg bathroom video.

Likes: The Reefer City shirt; the terrible Auto-Tune; and, obviously, the cute referee dancing with a bottle of whiskey while rodeo scenes are playing on the green screen.

Dislikes: Carey Price parody and not a single cigarette? And if you're a fan of, like, words rhyming, you have no home here.

That said, we eagerly await Jaroslav Halak's(notes) video response; may be suggest something from the Nicki Minaj canon?

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