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Shawn Thornton(notes) of the Boston Bruins downplayed the idea of participating in the first Winter Classic fight, as the NHL's outdoor games have been fairly puritanical affairs. But at 12:01 of a largely tepid first period between the Bruins and the Philadelphia Flyers at Fenway Park, Thornton threw down with Daniel Carcillo(notes) to the delight of the fans:

Score it a win for Carcillo, with extra credit for the showboating in the sin bin afterward.

Both Carcillo and Thornton spoke with Puck Daddy's Ryan Lambert before the game, and addressed the speculation that there would be a fight in the 2010 Classic between two historically pugilistic teams:

"It's funny," [Thornton] said. "Last year, you guys were all against staged fighting and now everyone wants one for a Winter Classic. It's kind of a turning of the tables. I don't know, I'm gonna go play hockey. As with any other game, if something needs to be addressed, it'll be addressed, but I'm here to play hockey, not just to fight."

Maybe, though, the reason there's never been a fight in a Winter Classic is merely pragmatic.

"A fight's a fight, I guess, it doesn't matter if it's outside or inside," said Carcillo. "But it'd get pretty cold sitting there for five minutes, for sure."

But Carcillo decided to feel the chill, and the Classic got its first fight. Puckheads thank the Flyers and Bruins for not letting us down.

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