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As a Devils fan, I can only sympathize with how Vancouver Canucks fans must be feeling right now after seeing Roberto Luongo go down with an injury against the Pittsburgh Penguins today.

The Associated Press claims that Luongo left with "an apparent left leg injury," but the Vancouver Sun adds some frightening detail:

The Vancouver Canucks have lost goalie Roberto Luongo with what appears to be a serious left groin injury.

Canuck assistant general manager Laurence Gilman has confirmed the type of injury, but not the seriousness of it.

The National Hockey League star had to be helped off the ice in Pittsburgh Saturday afternoon after he was injured trying to adjust to a deflected shot. Luongo went down in the butterfly and was kicking out his left pad when a Penguin player's shot ricocheted back to his right. As Luongo tried to adjust, he doubled up in pain and was unable to move

The Sun quoted a team official as saying Luongo as still being "evaluated." Waiting for Stanley has a couple of other media reports saying the groin injury was much less serious than the Sun is reporting; hopefully for Vancouver, that's the case.

Alanah from Canucks and Beyond has sanctioned the fetal position and mid-day cocktails for Vancouver fans keeping vigil.

In other news, Earl Sleek has already picked up Curtis Sanford in the Hockey Bloggers League. Jerk.

UPDATE (6:10 p.m. EST): The latest on Luongo from the Sun is "Canuck coach Alain Vigneault said the severity of the injury won't be known until Luongo undergoes an MRI exam Sunday in Vancouver, but it did not look like Luongo will be able to play anytime soon."

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