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During Wednesday night's Stanley Cup celebration on Philadelphia Flyers ice, Chicago Blackhawks forward Adam Burish(notes) (who didn't play in the game) was asked by a Chicago NBC reporter about nemesis Chris Pronger(notes) (who did play, though not all that well).

Burish offered a memorable parting shot to "the most hated man in hockey."

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For those without the benefit of video:

"I think Chris Pronger is the biggest idiot in the league. I can't stand the guy one bit. I hope I never get to see him again. And if I see him again, I may have to punch him."

And then on the infamous "Chrissy Pronger" newspaper poster, with the Flyers defenseman in a skirt:

"That's perfect. He should have worn that out here tonight. He was terrible."

No, seriously, don't hold back, how do you really feel...

Brandon Worley of NBC's Pro Hockey Talk, which first had the video, believes "the Hawks PR staff nearly had an aneurysm" when Burish's comments were aired.

This is an opinion with which I disagree greatly, seeing as how the Chicago communications department is (a) on a Stanley sugar high and (b) probably unconcerned with how a foe Chicago universally loathes, and that the Hawks will see about once next season, feels about being called an "idiot" by the team's resident court jester. 

Besides, nothing Burish can say will top what the Chicago media has already published.

Was it classless? In the moment, absolutely: It's sore-winnerism, especially on the Flyers' home ice. And talk about punching up; this isn't exactly Duncan Keith(notes) doing the verbal jabbing. 

Will Pronger care? No. Or at least he shouldn't. After all, Pronger was a Conn Smythe candidate while Adam Burish is an itch that's usually healthy scratched.

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