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On behalf of all die-hard puckheads who pay good money to concentrate on the game while attempting to ignore the suit-wearing, cell phone-using jackasses who treat the arena like a social mixer before hitting some trendy nightspot that sells more Red Bull than Guinness:

We thank you, Boston Bruins Bear. Because we've all wanted to do this at some point in our lives as fans:

Thus continues the greatest series of puck-centric commercials since the halcyon days of "Hockey Falls" by Bud Light, which actually made ESPN announcers seem cool. As we said when the first series of Bruins Bear ads hit the Web in 2009:

Kudos to the Bruins for these great commercials; although they're so savvy about the trials and tribulations of true puckheads, one has to wonder what kind of market research the crowds in Boston have unknowingly provided since the Bruins' bandwagon expanded.

In fairness, every city has "fans" who leave before the end of overtime just to beat the traffic. Which means we're going to need at least 29 more grizzly deterrents to guard the escalators ...

Stick tap to the Legend of Cecilio Guante for the clip.

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