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The Pittsburgh Penguins played some good physical hockey during stretches in Game 3last night, and no one personified that more than Brooks Orpik during a shift in the third period:

Orpik was asked about his punished shift during the off-day press conferences today:

Q. Brooks, on the shift you had last night that everyone is making reference to, some people are saying you had four hits. Some people said you had five hits. After you come back to the bench, do you even know how many you hit, or this morning when you think back to it, were you just all on adrenalin, do you even know who you ran over?

BROOKS ORPIK: (Smiling) It's weird, against a team like this, you gotta be really patient. Like I said, their forwards have so much skill and speed. You don't want to run out of position. Especially the system we play, it's most of the hitting is defensemen in our zone. We don't take a lot of chances in neutral zone. And most of those hits, kind of let it come to you. You don't really go looking for it.

And you just kind of [knew] the opportunity was there, and when it's there, this time of the year you really want to make them pay. But like I said, that's kind of my role on the team. There's a lot of other guys that do the same thing. It's something we can just energize the team and crowd with.

Quite an effort. Wonder if the Rangers were watching?

Mike Brophy of The Hockey News claims that Orpik's effort is now know simply as "The Shift," which is the kind of mythic label they give to things that happen on the way to a Stanley Cup. Not that anyone in the media might be getting ahead of themselves or anything.

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