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Late in the Anaheim Ducks' 4-2 victory against the Calgary Flames, defenseman Mark Giordano's(notes) frustrations got the better of him with a knee-on-knee hit on Bobby Ryan(notes):

No penalty on the play, and Ryan seemed OK. Said Ryan after the game, via Ducks Blog:

"It's just a play where I dropped the puck there for Getz and he stuck his knee out or whatever. It was definitely a collision, and I was on the worst end for it."

Q. Was it a dirty play in your mind?

"I think so, yeah. Him and I have gone back and forth quite a bit, running each other. I thought so, yeah, absolutely."

Ryan went on to speculate that it was a case in which emotions boiled over because Calgary basically saw its season end last night. But no, even if your team now has a 0.7-percent chance at the playoffs, no excuse for that.

Stick-tap to Shawn Hamilton and Andy Tupman for the video.

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