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The headline on YouTube was "Rookie Kris Versteeg Sings Fergie," which isn't entirely accurate: The Lethbridge, Alberta native and Chicago Blackhawks winger actually sings/raps the Ludacris guest appearance on Fergie's song "Glamorous," rather than attempt to match the incredible vocal range of the former Black Eyed Peas songstress.

Here's Versteeg with the lovely Sarah Spain of Mouthpiece Sports, giving the world the best hip-hop performance from a Canadian since "12 Inches of Snow."

For the record, Versteeg claims the first line is "We're talkin' champagne week-iss-is." Having consulted several independent lyrics sites, we can tell you that the line is actually "I'm talking champagne wishes." Fail.

We were going to give Versteeg the benefit of the doubt here; after all, he's signing the Ludacris hook in a Fergie song rather than ... well, the Fergie part. But it's pretty clear the dude is a huge Fergie fan, boasting about knowing the lyrics to "Big Girls Don't Cry" for Pete's sake. He was also clearly giddy about one day meeting Fergie, and perhaps sharing the stage with her for a song or two.

So, for the record: A Blackhawks player sings a Fergie song on YouTube in the same calendar year that Al Jourgensen of Ministry penned a Blackhawks fight song. Yowzer.

Mouthpiece Sports has been doing some outstanding work in covering the Blackhawks this season. Here's an interesting video about the political leanings in the Chicago locker room, including a question to Brian Campbell about whether a Stanley Cup or an Obama victory will mean more to Chicago.

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