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The Fratellis' "Chelsea Dagger" was as synonymous with the Chicago Blackhawks' run to the Stanley Cup as Patrick Kane's(notes) mullet and bandwagon fans. Played at United Center after Chicago goals, fans grew to love the tune while opponents felt it was akin to a military sleep deprivation experiment.

To those opponents, we respectfully inquire: Is the ear-bleeding anguish that is "Chelsea Dagger" dulled or enhanced when it accompanies six swing dancers doing the Lindy Hop while dressed as Blackhawks?

That clip was from the Arthur Murray Showcase in Chicago on Sunday, and we honestly don't know why Jonathan Toews(notes) gets that "Capt. Serious" label with those moves. He's like twinkle-Toews out there in the middle.

True story: According to the Blackhawks, "Chelsea Dagger" was chosen from a pool of six possible goal songs for last season, including Blur's "Song 2" and a song that would have made this swing dance the greatest thing in the history of ever: "Tick Tick Boom" by The Hives.

But, on its own merits, an oddly hypnotic performance. We can only hope the Blackhawks Ice Girls adopt this choreography to perform the routine next season. And that they're all wearing this when they do.

Best part of the video: Ten seconds in, when the guy with the Stanley Cup walks over, places it on the floor and says, "Don't let Chris Pronger(notes) steal this."

Philadelphia Flyers at Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday, Jan. 23. Clear your calendars now.

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