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Earlier this week, we pointed out that the NBC and CBC coverage of Patrick Kane's(notes) Cup-clinching goal in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals was ... uh, less than classic. Which is understandable, because no one in the arena other than Kane knew what the hell had just happened either. We haven't seen thousands of Philadelphians look that confused since Mike Mamula busted.

That's why this parody video posted by YouTube legend DayWalk3r is so perfectly executed, as Kane's winner against the Philadelphia Flyers is depicted in an ingeniously incorrect manner:

"Oh, it's a goal."

The olde-timey Phil Rizzuto announcer voice it what clinches it. And we've never been so happy to see the appearance of Gary Bettman. Ever.  

UPDATE: The Tick tells us that the audio is from WGR in Buffalo, as producer/comedian Greg Brauch (as "Greg Buck") parodied a call from WIP in Philly. 

Check out the Slovakia/Bulgaria women's game call, and prepare to weep with laughter.

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