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Snagging a puck shot into the stands at a hockey game makes for a fun story to share with your friends. But having a puck leave the playing surface and fly into your beer while you're wearing a Santa cap makes is the stuff of legends.

Via Busted Coverage, check out this fan watching the Mississippi Surge visit the Louisiana IceGators in a Southern Professional Hockey League on Christmas night, as Beau McLaughlin fires a puck into the netting and it Plinko's down into his suds:

Christmas is a time for miracles. And we believe, if your standards for the miraculous are low enough, this qualifies.

Naturally, we're left with a few questions:

1. Did he drink the beer after the puck landed in it, in some sort of ceremonial puckhead ritual?

2. Perhaps more importantly: Could he have gotten a refund and/or replacement beer from the concession stands?

The stands at Blackham Coliseum are operated by the IceGators, as the teams share the concession profits from each game. Cutting through the bureaucracy of corporately operated concessions, perhaps getting another brew would have been easy.

That said: What if this blessing/curse befalls you in an arena whose beer is managed by, say, Aramark? We have a request for refund policy clarification from that company, and will update this post accordingly should we hear back.

Meanwhile: How awesome is getting a hockey puck in a guy's beer? And why didn't Reebok CGI Sidney Crosby(notes) doing that?

Stick-tap Busted Coverage.

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