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Earlier this week, we brought you the red carpet exploits of model/aspiring orthodontist Kendhal Beal at Igor Larionov's posh Hollywood party that celebrated his upcoming Hall of Fame induction. We're still trying to figure out if our favorite part involves her 700-word question about the Detroit Red Wings/Colorado Avalanche brawl or when she almost called Igor a "Fish Russian."

Kendhal Beal, you are the gift that keeps on giving. Here is the Notorious Models ace reporter with former "Baywatch" babe Traci Bingham, who is perhaps the only actress in Hollywood to have both "BattleBots" and the film "Malibooty!" on her bio. She also has no fracking idea who Igor Larionov is, leading to this absurd interview with the equally baffled Ms. Beal:

Wow. While we'd normally be outraged over a "huge sports fan" that's apparently unaware that retired players are inducted into halls of fame, we're frankly a bit distracted by Ms. Bingham's lifeguard floatation devices guests on the red carpet breasts.

In other Igor Larionov/attractive babe news, it appears the relationship between daughter Elena Alyonka Larionov and Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin is pure bliss. From Paparazzi.ru, via tuvanhillbilly:

Yesterday Sasha appeared with a group of other well-known guests at the restaurant "Grand Havana Room" for a press conference for "Olympic Friends House". Sitting behind the table at the formal event, Ovechkin appeared bored. He constantly stretched, yawned and rubbed his eyes. But soon the press conference ended and the hockey player gave a few previously agreed-to interviews and then left the function. On the street his beloved- Alena- was already waiting for him.

With a studious demeanor and talking on her cell phone (which we never saw her take from her ear the entire evening), the young lady took Sasha by the hand and they went to his car-- a white BMW M6.

The white BMW M6 ... for when you absolutely, positively have to drive 165 miles per hour in front of the White House, accept no substitutes.

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