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Last week, the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks opened up the Harris Club at the United Center, which promises fans "a luxurious executive suite experience at a fraction of the cost of suite ownership." Yeah, it still sounds like something we can't afford.

Blackhawks standouts Patrick Kane and Adam Burish joined Bulls players Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah were there for the ribbon cutting. Kane and Rose later battled on a basketball game for the Nintendo Wii, which is featured at the club (as is a pool table ... pimp.) Noah and Burish were supposed to play some Wii hockey, too.

Whether Noah played some puck on the Wii or not, he made clear in this interview with Mouthpiece Sports something we've always suspected: Deep down, NBA players have a seething jealousy of the NHL and the way it handles the occasional fight during a game.

"The best thing about the game of hockey is that you're allowed to fight and you don't get fined," he said. "You only get sent to, like, a box for five minutes."

Up next, more Noah, some Burish flirtation and Patrick Kane's fake ID.

Here's Noah, explaining his love of old-school gaming and what it's like to face-off against Burish in Wii hockey:

Finally, Patrick Kane discusses whether or not he should bring his fake idea to the suite, and Burish goes from talking about taking his family to a game to asking the hostess out on a date:

According to the Blackhawks, "Membership to the Club can be purchased for one, three or five-year terms. Tickets for the 2008-09 season are available for $15,750/seat for the season (only $175/seat per game) with no limits on how many seats fans can purchase."

There's a part of us that loves the idea of this kind of high-roller luxury being available to hockey fans should they choose to indulge. Yet there's another part of us that can't help thinking about that douche that wears a polo shirt with the collar flipped up and designer jeans to the game, drinks Bud Select and says things like "why would you want to watch a hockey game during our 9-ball tournament, brah?" Because there's no question that guy is sitting in this club.

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