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ARLINGTON, Va. — To answer your first question about Alex Ovechkin(notes) leaving CCM for a six-year deal with Bauer: The apparel company isn't showing its hand on whether the marketing approach with the Washington Capitals captain will have floating-head-inside-the-locker whimsy.

"We're going to evaluate that with Alex as we go forward. We're going to do something that's authentic, true to the sport and true to the athlete," said CEO Kevin Davis.

Here's Ovechkin at his intro press conference than then discussing his offseason training, the Capitals' changes and his move to Bauer.

As you can see around the 2:30 mark, there's no way Ovechkin had a gut this offseason because "I can't be fat." But glad he had a sense of humor about it. And his body is "perfect right now." So there you go, ladies.

Ovechkin will play with the soon-to-be-unveiled Bauer Vapor APX.

As you know, Reebok is the official gear company for the NHL. So can Alex Ovechkin wear a Bauer hat during an NHL press conference?

"When you get into products that are outside of hockey equipment, he has a deal with Nike, he has deals with other companies. As we like to call it, everybody swims in their own lane. If Alex would like to put on a Bauer hat, I'm sure he's welcome to. He's welcome to put on a Nike one as well," said Davis, who said there are different rules for different press conferences for the NHL.

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