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At the end of this video of two under-10 Russian youth hockey teams engaging in a sprawling fight, you see a team parent lecturing one of the players at center ice. Oh, to be a fly in the rink for that chat:

"Now Vladimir, what have I told you about participating in massive bench-clearing brawls?"

"I know, Papa: Not until I'm in the KHL ..."

(Ed. Note: It reads better in the stereotypical Russian accent.)

We've seen youth hockey fight clips before. But not on the scale of this unfortunate bit of chaos:

From Russia Today, via YouTube:

Players of the two Russian youth ice hockey teams - Penguins and the Northern Star - are trying to keep pace with professionals in all aspects. 9-year-old stars have proved - ice hockey is one of the toughest games to play no matter what age you are. A regular game between Russia's young Penguins and Stars turned into all-in massive fight on ice. As a result - 707 minutes of penalty. Truly a rare record the NHL not always witness.

Too true: It's something "the NHL not always witness." The KHL, on the other hand, had a colossal bench-clearing, game-ending fight earlier this month, and Russia Today reports that criminal charges could be on the way for those who participated in that fight.

What's worse: Having to perform 240 hours of community service for a hockey fight or getting upstaged by a bunch of 9-year-olds?

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