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As you know, we've fought the good fight to convince Verizon FiOS to bring the NHL Network and Center Ice pay-per-view to its millions of subscribers. So our interest was piqued when Puck Daddy reader Kevin sent along this note earlier in the week:

Verizon FiOS has lit up the Center Ice channels (1475-1489) and will be announcing orderability as early as tomorrow.  Rumor is they will be live as of Oct. 30th.  Additionally the NHL Network should be arriving with the next wave of new channels in mid-Nov. depending on your location.

And then we received this note from Puck Daddy reader David this morning:

From: tv@nhl.com
Sent: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 2:12 pm
Subject: Re: NHL Television Broadcasting - U.S. & Canada only

Thank you for your email.  We have officially finalized a deal to carry the NHL Network and NHL Center Ice on Verizon FiOS.  They will be available to you shortly.

Moments ago, this news became official: An NHL spokesperson confirmed that a deal has been finalized, and both the NHL Network and Center Ice will come to FiOS this season. A formal announcement -- including prices, cable tier information and a timetable for its debut -- should come early next week. In the meantime, Center Ice could be available for ordering as early as today.

Victory! At least for those of us whose HOA has mandated we subscribe to FiOS.

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