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Several fans who watched the Pittsburgh Penguins fall to the New York Rangers last night on Versus have alerted us to a new promotional campaign by the bull-riding/buck-hunting/occasional-hockey network called ... ahem ... "Show Me Your V."

The network has started a gallery on its Web site in which athletes or viewers or hippies or whoever can send in their "V" photos.

Puck Daddy reader Tim: "In case you missed it, they have a new promotion that calls for its viewers to send in 'extreme' pictures of themselves. The promotion is called 'Show Me Your V'. The idea is for the people to be showing acts of vengeance, versatility... whatever ... while flashing the hippie-gang-sign. With the roughnecks that watch that station, there will be some interesting and literal interpretations of 'Show Me Your V'. Honestly, that's the most hilariously flawed promotional name I've come across.  Leave it to the national broadcaster of the NHL."

Puck Daddy reader James: "Ripe for abuse, begging to be eaten up....... wow my head is spinning."

Oh, c'mon, it's not that bad ... is it?

On the one hand ... "Show Me Your V?" Maybe our minds are so far in the gutter that we've got rats scurrying across them, but even Roger Moore's James Bond would believe this double entendre is a tad too telegraphed.

Say what you will about ESPN, but they never asked us to show them anything but an appreciation for Steve Levy and a tolerance for Texas Hold'em commercials.

But allow us to play devil's advocate here: Suppose for a moment Versus's whole campaign is built around famous figures giving the peace sign, and then claiming they're "Showing Their V" in support of the network -- much like what's happening on their Web site now.

Imagine a still photo of Nelson Mandela flashing peace, with the caption: "Nelson Mandela: Symbol of Freedom, Huge Fan of Extreme Cage Fighting." Just claim that anyone giving a two-fingered salute is just being a huge Versus fan; it could be a great subversive campaign. (If anyone asks, we are the ad wizards who came up with this one.)

Meanwhile, puckheads are organizing their own ad campaign pitched at Versus called "Show us some hockey once in a while, with an elementary level of competency, you dopes."

So, are any of you planning on helping Versus with this exciting new project? What ‘V' will you show them, and where will you be pictured showing it?

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