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"Hey Dad," I said to the old man here in Jersey, where this year's annual Food Coma will take place this afternoon. "We're publishing a collection of Things We're Thankful for in Hockey for Turkey Day. You got anything?"

Stirring his Dunkin' Donuts coffee, Bob Wyshynski replied, "Yeah, that they haven't completely screwed up the game with all these rules changes yet."

And now you know where I get it from.

It's a time to give thanks, so that's exactly what we're doing. We've asked ourselves and some Friends of Puck Daddy a rather simple question: What are you thankful for in hockey?

Please answer that for yourselves in the comments, give our answers a read and have a great holiday.

Sean Leahy, Puck Daddy and Going Five Hole

Ice Girls. Because who doesn't want a free t-shirt?

Alexander Ovechkin's wrist shot. You'll never see it until it's in the back of the net.

The Toronto media. Able to turn the slowest hockey news day into the busiest by reporting nothing.

One-piece sticks. There's nothing better than seeing a good one-timer ruined.

Mike Komisarek's shot-blocking ability. No matter how much his own general manager would like to limit it.


Eric McErlain, NHL FanHouse and The Sporting Blog

NHL on the Fly ... For hockey starved Americans who get few highlights from ESPN, it's the only option on television.

Hockey Night in Canada ... Because our neighbors to the North don't know how good they have it.


Paul Kukla of Kukla's Korner

I am thankful for two NHL games on Thanksgiving Night, they will take my mind off of another Detroit Lions loss.

Thanks go out to the person who invented streaming radio, without it, I would not be able to listen to the Canadian radio stations who actually talk hockey.

Nothing better than HNIC on the NHL Network on Saturday night. From 6:30 p.m. until 1:30 a.m., I am tuned in and watching in glorious HD.


Jon "J.P." Press of Japers' Rink

The never-ending Cinderella story that is Bruce Boudreau. His Caps racked up a 48-24-10 record (106 points) in his first 82 games as bench boss, which commenced, incidentally, on Thanksgiving last year, and has already included a Jack Adams Trophy.


Raskolnikov, Melt Your Face Off

Bill Wirtz's Permanent Blackout. Bob Pulford daily removes the maggots from his corpse.

Rick Jeanneret's Ability to Rise from the Dead. The man exhales his final breath after every Sabres goal, then rises from his grave to continue calling the game.


Steve Lepore, Puck the Media

Zach Parise inexplicably being on pace for 50 goals. Because a 50-goal scorer on the Devils would be the truest sign of Hockey-apocalypse.

The Blackhawks' resurgence. But not the all-out self-promoting whores they've become in the wake of their newfound popularity.

Barry Melrose's firing. Now he can go back to about-facing on inaccurate, vaguely racist statements about the city of Newark, and funny haircuts.

VERSUS. Because you all know it's this or The Ocho.


B.D. Gallof, Hockey Buzz

Garth Snow's backup goalie assessment. Isles fans were outraged that Dubie was let go, but are they now with Joey MacDonald performances thus far this season? I think not.

The Hockey Blogosphere. Showing day after day that many are the first stop for NHL fans to disseminate or have a chuckle of what is really is going on.

Freddy Meyer the IV. What was a joke of a name two seasons ago is now a respected member of the Isles defense and missed when out.


The Pensblog 

87 & 71 for another 10 years.

Marian Hossa Leaving. Thanks for letting us breeze through the East.  Without you, we may have to go to a six-game series.

The Toronto Maple Leafs. Because at least we know what rock bottom looks like. 

New York Rangers Fans. They taught us that no matter how old you are, it is okay to cry. 1994 forever.

NHL on The Fly. It is the best thing to happen after midnight since Nick at Nite.


Wrap Around Curl

Mats Sundin's UFA status: Keeping the Toronto Media employed in these tough economic times.

The Dallas Stars/Texas: For making Sean Avery man up. And grow a neckbeard. I take that back. The neckbeard looks fug.

Darude's Standstorm: For always being played at every single hockey game at least twice. Never has German techno been so familiar and comforting ...

Luke Schenn's studliness: For erasing panties in NHL rinks all over North America!

The Philadelphia Flyers fans reaction to Sarah Palin: For restoring my faith not just in hockey fans, but humanity as a whole.

The person who got rid of their Nordiques jersey: Allowing me to rescue it from my local Value Village for six bucks.

The lady at Comcast who decided to give me free NHL network and credit my bill 25 dollars for games I wasn't able to view in my area because of Center Ice blackouts. I now get every possible game. And will no longer talk smack on Comcast.


James Mirtle, From the Rink

Colin Campbell's Wheel O' Justice. For giving hockey bloggers everywhere an endless supply of grist for the mill.


Greg Wyshynski, Puck Daddy

Owen Nolan, Gary Roberts, Rod Brind'Amour, Chris Chelios and the rest of the war horses. Their existence either speaks volumes about the valor of the hockey player or the addictive qualities of the Game. I just hope we can speak about guys like Brenden Morrow with same kind of reverence in the next decade.

Anyone who wears an Alexander Mogilny classic Buffalo Sabres or a Steve Yzerman Detroit Red Wings sweater. By far one of the most beautiful fashion statements a hockey fan can make.

The cheap seats. Where the chants happen. Where the fights happen. Where you can still pay to see a hockey game and have enough money left over for your mortgage.

MSM hockey writers who haul ass. Since most U.S. newspaper editors feel hockey deserves a postage-stamp sized chunk of the sports section, the writers who have taken their talents online and provided coverage to fans through blogs deserve our gratitude.

Alex Ovechkin's boundless enthusiasm. The man could get a dentist's waiting room jacked up.

The Puck Daddy Commentors. I don't know when it happened or how it happened, but the comments have become outstanding -- funny, insightful and consistently entertaining. We thank you for it. Now, if we only had a name for you ...

Popcorn at the arena. It usually never sucks. It usually costs less than hot dogs or pizza or chicken tenders. And there's, like, two periods worth of it. Outside of buying one-third price tickets from a scalper during the first period, it's the best bargain at the game.

Finally, the Guns and Roses "You Could Be Mine" fight video. Because 3,878,408 views can't be wrong.

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