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Blogger Adam Gonsiewski of Crossing Broad has a first-person account of life as a Philadelphia Flyers fan at Boston's TD Garden during their 4-0 Game 5 victory, including when he was pelted with debris by angry Boston Bruins fans:

Scott Hartnell(notes), who was all over the ice tonight, batted a puck behind Tuukka Rask(notes) midway through the game to give the Flyers a 2-0 lead. The Flyers then broke their power-play scoring drought when Simon Gagne(notes) netted his second goal in as many nights to extend the Orange and Black's lead to three.

That's when the stuff getting thrown at us got worse. Beer cups, french fries, ketchup, popcorn -- that's all expected. But after the third Flyers goal, THIS was thrown: A condom. I guess Boston fans have no better use for them anyway.

Assuming this isn't some elaborate scheme to incriminate the good people of Boston ... ewwwww.

Getting beer thrown on you is a rite of passage for any invading puckhead at an enemy arena, but this is the first time we can recall hearing of someone being pelted by a prophylactic. In a way, this hurts more than a punch. At least a fist to the face is an acknowledgement of another's humanity; this is diminishing a foe to a sexual organ or, worse, inferring one shouldn't reproduce.

Either way ... ewwwww. Although there is a part of us that wonders how Philadelphians would escalate this contraceptive war. Maybe the B's fans at Game 6 will be sponge-worthy.

Gonsiewski's post also chronicles the Bruins' fans frustration with their team that may not have been seen on TV:

From what I hear, it was not shown on TV that Bruins fans were throwing rally towels and beer cups on the ice. It happened on several occasions, including during the final two scrums of the third period and DURING PLAY. If it wasn't shown on TV, the proof is below. It was pretty classless in my opinion, and I'm sure this would have been all over TV if the game was in Philadelphia and fans threw [stuff]. Rask left the ice pretty fast at the conclusion of the game, probably because he was angry and BECAUSE HE WAS GETTING STUFF THROWN AT HIM BY HIS OWN FANS IN A SERIES WHERE THE BRUINS ARE STILL UP A GAME.

True on all counts, especially the incrimination of Philly fans had this been done at Wachovia Center. But honestly: After that Game 5 stink bomb, it's a small miracle Boston fans didn't storm the box office asking for refunds. Or throw condoms at it. One of the two. Read the full story at Crossing Broad.

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