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Wow, we are headed to a thrilling finale in our Chris Pronger contest. You know: The one where we asked you to vote on which slogan that will be featured on the Anaheim Ducks' defenseman's Hockey-Reference.com profile page for the next year. "Chris Pronger: A player whose high level of performance helps you forget how big a douchebag he can be" leads with 33 percent of the vote;  but "Chris Pronger: Lacking Class Since 1974" (28 percent) and "When authorities take away your right to elbow, don't forget that you have stomping options" (27 percent) are right in the mix. (That last option is getting a big push from Earl Sleek's comrades at Battle of California.) Voting ends tonight at midnight on the West Coast. If you haven't cast your vote, get crackin'.

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