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Well, this brings it home:

This is how Amway presents the Detroit Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings' "presenting sponsorship" deal with Amway has sparked ridicule from the opposition and rational rebuttals from the Motown faithful. What does "presenting sponsorship" get you? Like Mountain Dew and the local pop-rock station will present Blink-182 on their concert tickets, Amway will present the Detroit Red Wings on theirs.

Scoff if you want, but welcome to the next wave in corporate whoring for NHL teams. How long before somebody antes up and buys the "presenting rights" for Leafs vs. Habs tickets?

We're all headed for "… and that puck over the glass was brought to you by Next Day Blinds." And then, inevitably, the undiscovered country: ads on game sweaters.

Thanks to reader Kyle for the tix pix.

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