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We've read about what some of the NHL's new alternate jerseys will look like this season. Now, thanks to Chris at Icethetics, we have ourselves some images for third-jersey logos that will be debuting in 2008-09.

Icethetics has the images for the Thrashers, Bruins, Sabres, Penguins, Sharks (boo, hiss, black jerseys) and Maple Leafs. The ones shown here are two of the most interesting.

Are the Tampa Bay Lightning looking to make the transition to a nickname, like the New York Knickerbockers did so many moons ago? "Bolts" is already accepted shorthand for the team anyway; and unlike "Lightning," it has an "S" at the end. Pet peeve averted.

As for the Phoenix Coyotes' new alt-logo: It's the best one the team has had since it moved to the desert. I was never a fan of the electric acid test that was on their first sweater; and their second logo looked less like an animal howling than a dog ready to swallow ... something. This is classic-looking at first glance; something a player would be proud to wear. Depending on what the rest of the sweater looks like, this could be an upgrade.

Our buddies at On Frozen Blog have a post today that suggests what they'd like to see out of a Washington Capitals third jersey. Putting aside the obvious disdain I have for the entire existence of "alternate jerseys" (and thanks again, Mr. Lamoriello, for sparing Devils fans the indignity), I gotta say these Capitals ones aren't half-bad. Love the stars down the sleeves.

More third jersey chatter from the great Scotty Wazz and Black Aces.

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