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Maybe it's the three Stanley Cups he's secured across the river since 1995, or that he's been the Dwight Schrute to Sean Avery's Pam and Jim this postseason, or that they want to help their team get inside his head. Eh, it's probably just a Jersey thing. Whatever the case, Marty Brodeur brings out the best in New York Rangers fans, who celebrated the Devils goalie's Hall of Fame career with a lovely serenade during Game 4 last night:

Ah, but not even the mighty Blueshirt faithful can compete with their neighbors to the south in Philadelphia. You can take the Capitals out of the Patrick Division, but you can't take the Patrick Division out of the Flyers' series with Washington. Here's their (NSFW, potty-mouth audio) tribute to Alexander Ovechkin, whom (in true Philly fan fashion) they would worship as a hockey deity if he wore the orange-and-black:

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