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We were waiting for some confirmation from an unimpeachable news source like People magazine, but too many readers have e-mailed in about this for it to be ignored: Hilary Duff was photographed with Mike Comrie leaving Hollywood's Il Sole restaurant. She was wearing a ring. Like, what could totally be an engagement ring. O. M. G.

Please recall last month, when it appeared Hilary Duff was waiting for clearance from a psychic before accepting the New York Islanders center as her life-mate and, one would assume, potential babydaddy. Perhaps the soothsayer has given the Duffer the green light, after also telling her she can find her bicycle in the basement of Alamo.

Despite the photographic proof, there's been no official announcement of a Duffrie engagement by publicists or on HilaryDuff.com or by Charles Wang. Without that, we're left relying on speculation from the usual harbingers of scurrilous gossip: Perez (good lord, that's a heart down there, isn't it?), Gossip Girls, OK! Magazine and those chatty hens at NHL FanHouse.

If you're one of those people who believes these things are carefully orchestrated, please note that a 2009 wedding would come as Duff has no less than three film projects in development for next year and when Comrie's in his walk year as a UFA.

Is this is the understandable reaction by a celeb couple to the pending Stoll/Hunter nuptials? Who knows? Here's hoping that these two nutty kids are finally making it official, paving the way for the birth of a beautiful child with an angelic singing voice and a complete inability to crack 70 points in a season.

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